Elegant Statements


Please review below for commonly asked questions about the process of custom stationery and wedding planning.


Do you have a price list?

We do not have a standard price list available due to the custom nature of our products. Each quote is based on materials selected, complexity, quantity, etc. Our products will be more expensive than the high volume online retailers but a bit more competitive than some of the big name custom designers.

Why are your prices higher than online retailers?

We believe we are not only providing a product but also a service. When you work with us, you have a personal consultant throughout the process. We assist you with each step including things like wording selection. Did you know that the wording you choose tells your guests whether your ceremony is in a place of worship or not?!? We are here to help guide you through each decision and with custom invitations, there can be a lot of decisions to make. There is not charge for each edit or proof. We work until it’s perfect.

Since each project we do is so unique, we don’t stock materials other than a few basics. This allows us to offer the greatest selection of materials but it doesn’t allow us to purchase in bulk to lower our materials costs…like some of the big guys can.


What products do you offer?

Basically anything involving paper (and a few other things as well)!  For example…save-the-date cards, invitations, programs, menu cards, seating cards, favor packaging, thank you notes, out-of-town gift bags, etc.


How does the process work?

Because everything we do is completely custom, we recommend either an in-person or phone consultation to discuss the products you are looking for.  Please contact us to set up a phone call or meeting.

We use digital proofs throughout the design process to show what the final product will look like.  We also have hard copy samples of previous work as well as paper, ribbon, etc. samples available to show during the design process so you can see samples of the actual materials.

After a consultation, a quote along with a generic proof will be provided to ensure paper selection, general layout, etc. are clear.  At this point a deposit is required to move forward with the design process.

Next, you’ll complete the invitation worksheet and we will begin transforming the generic proof into your invitation proof.  During this phase, you’ll have access to view your proof at all times and we’ll make changes at your request.

Upon final approval, no further changes can be made and the design will be sent to print.  If you’ve chose to complete your own assembly, your materials should be ready for you in 1-3 weeks.  If Elegant Statements is doing the assembly, your completed invitations should be ready in 2-4 weeks.


When should I contact you?

Please contact us as soon as possible.  For invitations, we generally recommend a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the date you’d like them completed but it’s never too early to start the discussion.  Rush orders may be available.


Can I get a hard copy proof?

In some cases a hard copy proof may be available for an additional charge.  However, digital proofs are typically used instead.  View a Sample Wedding Proof.


Can I do my own assembly?

Yes!  Whether you are looking to save money or simply be more involved in the process, you are welcome to assemble your own invitations.  While it’s not “difficult”…it is quite time consuming.

If you choose to assemble your own invitations, you are responsible for the cost of adhesive.  Recommended adhesive can be purchased from Elegant Statements, or we can advise you where to purchase it.


What fonts do you have to choose from?

We will provide a custom font sheet for you to view your names or text of your choice in each font.


Do you sell adhesive if I want to assemble my own invitations?

We do keep some adhesive in stock but if you are assembling your invitations we recommend ordering Tombow Mono Dots Permanent adhesive from www.scrapbookpal.com. They have great prices and fast/free shipping.

Dispenser: http://www.scrapbookpal.com/tombow-mono-dots-adhesive-dispenser-permanent-49-ft/

Refill: http://www.scrapbookpal.com/tombow-mono-dots-adhesive-refill-permanent-49-ft/




Do you offer envelope addressing?

Yes, envelope addressing is usually $1.50 per envelope but discounts are available if you are purchasing invitations.


How do I provide my addresses?

Download and complete the GuestListTemplate.  Although the template may look a bit confusing at first, it’s quite simple once you get started.  When completed, you’re still able to sort by last name… something most guest list formats don’t allow you to do.  There are examples on the template showing how to address situations like boyfriend/girlfriend, married couple with different last names, etc.  If you have any further questions about using the template, please let us know.

For best results, do not use any abbreviations on your guest list.


When do you need my completed address spreadsheet?

Standard envelope printing takes 2 weeks.  Please plan to provide the spreadsheet at least 2 weeks before you would like your invitations complete.


Should I include “and guest” on the envelopes?

Since most invitations these days no longer include inner envelopes, you may include “and guest” on the outer envelope.  However, if you know the guest’s name, it’s much more personal to include his/her name instead.


What if I have name or address changes?

One round of edits/changes is included at no charge.  Additional edits/changes will be charged at $0.50 per envelope.


What if I decide to add more addresses / invite more people?

We will print 2 rounds of envelopes at no additional charge (just the per envelope charge).  Each additional round of printing will incur a one-time fee of $25.


Do you offer inner and outer envelopes?

Yes, however some styles such as certain Pocketfolds do not have an inner envelope available.  As an alternative, a name plate can be used on the front of a Pocketfold and addressed like an inner envelope.




Are save-the-date cards required?

No, save-the-date cards aren’t required, but nowadays friends and family are spread across the country and more travel is required for a wedding so it’s nice to give everyone more time than 6-10 weeks to make their travel plans.  This is especially important if you’re having any sort of destination wedding, or one that occurs around a holiday.


Who should I send save-the-date cards to?

This is kind of a tricky question.  Remember you can always add to your guest list, but you can never subtract.  So, send save-the-date cards to people you are sure you want to invite to your wedding.  Most people send them to their entire guest list realizing there will be a few additions by the time the invitations go out.  The one exception I recommend is coworkers…a lot can change with coworkers so I’d recommend not sending them to coworkers unless you’re sure you’ll want to invite them even if they’re no longer your coworker (ie. you change jobs, etc).

Also remember that people talk, so try to keep it consistent within groups.  You may choose to just send your save-the-date cards to family or certain groups of friends but not to exclude anyone from a certain group…someone’s feelings will likely get hurt.


If I sent a save-the-date card to someone, do I have to send them an invitation?

YES.  By sending someone a save-the-date card, you have invited them to your wedding.  You can’t un-invite them now.  But what if it’s a coworker that no longer works in my group, or I changed jobs so I have new coworkers.

This is why I recommend not sending save-the-date cards to coworkers unless you’re friends with them outside of work.


How do I address my save-the-date cards?

Save-the-date cards can be addressed formally or informally, depending on the style of the card and event.  There are specific guidelines that can be followed depending on whether you’re addressing it to a married couple, unmarried couple, family, etc.


What information should be provided in our save-the-date cards?

At a minimum, you should include your names and wedding date along with the city the wedding will take place.  If you have chosen to create a website (great wedding resource – see recommended sites) you can opt to list your web address rather than providing a lot of additional information.  If you’re not creating a website, the name and phone number or website of the hotel if you’re blocking rooms should be included.

In addition, you can provide other information about the location, like things to do in the city or other events taking place that weekend.  There’s really no need to include detailed times such as ceremony or reception times.  That will be provided in the invitation later.


Do I need to include “invitation to follow” or “formal invitation to follow”?

It’s up to you whether you want to include this.  Most people are pretty familiar with save-the-date cards now.  At first they were a little confusing and people weren’t quite sure what they were all about…was this the actual invitation?  The phrase at the bottom was to clarify that more information would come later.  Now most everyone knows the drill but many still choose to include the phrase just to be sure.



How many invitations should I order?

Be sure to include plenty of extras for last minute additions and keepsakes.  There is a $50 processing fee to order additional invitations and in some cases the unit cost may be significantly higher compared to the initial order.


What wording do I use for my invitation?

There are unlimited wording options but remember that the way an invitation is worded indicates who is hosting (aka. “Paying for”) the event.  Traditionally it was the bride’s parents who hosted the event, but that’s not always the case these days.  We can help you with wording options that fit your situation.


Where does my registry information go on the invitation?

It doesn’t!  Registry information doesn’t belong anywhere on your invitation.  I know it kind of doesn’t make sense.  The point of creating a registry is to make gift giving easier on your guests, however, it is not appropriate to include registry information in your invitation.  Again, this is where your wedding website comes in very handy!


What information should be included in my invitation?

This depends on a lot of things but at a minimum you should include the ceremony time and location as well as reception time and location.  Common additional information includes accommodations information like hotel contact info, a map with directions to ceremony/reception/hotel, couple’s personal wedding website, etc.


Should I include a map and written directions?

Maps and/or written directions can certainly be included in your invitation but keep in mind that many people won’t use this information.  Keep written directions simple and consider a map when the written directions are difficult to follow.


If I’m having an out-of-state wedding, is it ok to invite people I know won’t come?

Whether or not a guest is invited shouldn’t be dependent on where they live relative to the wedding.  Also, remember than a wedding invitation carries a gift obligation so by inviting someone to your wedding, you are asking them for a gift…make sure they don’t feel like that’s the only reason they’re invited 😉


Can I invite some people to the ceremony but not to the reception?

No, it is not appropriate to invite guests to your ceremony but not to the reception.


Can I invite guests to the reception only?

If your ceremony location is very intimate, or for religious reasons you are limiting the ceremony to family only, it is acceptable to invite only family and very close friends to the ceremony.  This is the exception more than the norm.


When should the RSVP cards be due?

I recommend 3-5 weeks.  This gives you a week or two to reach those who have not responded as well as time to assign seats.  Remember, you’ll need to submit your seating assignments 2 weeks prior to the event in order to have place cards printed.


Can I assume a guest isn’t coming if I don’t receive their response card?

NO!  First of all, the USPS isn’t perfect.  Items get lost in the mail all the time.  There’s even a chance the guest never received his invitation.  And unfortunately many people forget or just think they don’t need to respond…frustrating, I know.


When can I begin calling guests who have not responded?

Absolutely not before the RSVP due date and you should probably give them a few days since many people think that the due date is the date the reply card should be mailed.


Can I have two different RSVP dates? (an “A” and a “B” list)

While I do not recommend this as people tend to figure out if they were on the “B” list and may be offended, it can be done.  There are two ways you can do this.  One is to send out additional invitations each time someone responds “no”.  The second way to do this is to actually have a second version of the reply card with a later RSVP date.  This typically incurs additional design/print charges but allows you to send out and second round of invitations. The problem with both approaches is that most of your early responses will be “yes” and the “no” responses will arrive later so in reality, neither approach really works very well.


How do I let guests know that no children are invited?

The most important thing is to address your invitations properly.  The names on the envelope should clearly indicate who is invited to the event.   Wording your reply card correctly will also encourage guests to communicate clearly how many people are attending.  This way if someone responds with extra ‘uninvited’ guests, you can decide how you want to handle the situation.  You can leave it alone and allow the extra guest(s).  Or you can call the guest and explain the situation and who is to be attending.

If you anticipate that you will have a lot of children, you may also choose to arrange for childcare onsite at the ceremony and reception.  This way the children attending will be entertained but not distracting from the formal event.  At a minimum, you should provide something for the children to keep them occupied during dinner (a coloring book, toy, etc).



Do I need to assign tables?

Assigning tables is preferred.  It’s much easier on your guests and it allows you to have the exact number of seats needed at each table without worrying about guests getting separated.  It’s a little more work for you, but much more enjoyable for your guests.


Do I need place cards?

While we typically refer to them as place cards, most weddings actually just have table cards, which direct guests to the table they are to be seated.  Place cards actually indicate a specific seat at the table where a guest is to be seated.  This is typically only done at very formal events.

Table cards, or a seating chart, should be used any time tables are assigned (which should almost always be done).


Should I have one table card per person or one per couple?

Unless the table cards are being used to indicate meal choices (if guests were asked to select a meal choice on their reply card), one table card per couple or even per family is fine.  If the table card is needed to indicate the guest’s meal choice, one per person is usually required.


How do I indicate meal choice with table cards?

The most common way to indicate meal choice is through some method of color coding.    A ‘key’ is provided to your wait staff so they know what color indicates what entrée selection.  For more informal events, other printed icons can also be used.


How do I provide the information for you to print my seating cards?

Everything should be listed in a spreadsheet with two or three columns. TableAssignmentTemplate

column 1: name exactly as you want it printed

column 2: table number (just the number) or name

column 3: meal choice (if applicable)



Do I have to send thank you notes?

YES!  These should be sent promptly after the wedding, or after a gift is received.  Some brides choose to send them as they receive their gifts, some wait to send them until after the wedding.  A good rule of thumb is that if you are going to use any of your wedding gifts prior to the wedding, don’t use them until the thank you card has been mailed.


Can I send combined thank you notes for shower and wedding gifts?

If you received both gifts at the same time it would be appropriate to send one thank you, but do not wait to send a shower thank you until you receive the wedding gift or vice versa.



Are out-of-town gift bags required?

Although they are not required, it’s certainly a nice gesture to your guests.  Consider how much time and money your guests have spent to travel to your event.  It’s a wonderful way to thank your guests.


What should be included in an out-of-town gift bag?

Include a welcome letter from the bride and groom, thanking your guests for coming in addition to information about the city like a map, area attractions, local restaurants, etc.  As for other goodies…this is where it depends on how much you’re able to spend.  At a minimum you should include bottled water and some light snacks.  Some couples go so far as to include a bottle of wine (be sure the hotel has wine bottle openers or provide one as well).  You may also choose to include items significant to the city or couple.


Are wedding favors required?

No, favors are not required.  Many couples are choosing to forgo traditional wedding favors.  Some couples choose to do an additional dessert or candy buffet at the reception and provide take home containers in lieu of traditional favors.  Others are opting to make a donation to their favorite charity, sharing this information with their guests.