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SuperKid Valentine’s Day Treats

We do so much more than invitations! Check out these SUPER fun treats for your little superheroBlog-ValentinesSuperhero copy

Envelope Addressing

Sure you can get holiday cards from just about anywhere these days, but how many online retailers can offer these great envelope addressing options?!? Simply provide your addresses in a spreadsheet format (download our template GuestListTemplate-basic or use your own*) and we’ll print your addresses directly on the envelope or on these unique wrap-around stickers. Both options include return address printing. Envelopes and wrap-around stickers are designed to coordinate with your invitation or holiday card.

$0.50 each with the purchase of invitations or holiday cards**



















*When using your own spreadsheet format, please ensure the following items are in their own columns: name, address, city, state, and zip.

**While wrap around stickers can be used on standard white envelopes, we recommend a darker envelope (our personal favorite is the kraft envelope). Sticker price does not include envelope upgrade charge if applicable.

CHRISTMAS DEADLINE: All addresses must be submitted by 12/12 and will be delivered by 12/19.


Holiday Cards – Newlywed Collection

Celebrate your recent nuptials with these fun newlywed cards! Thank you to Tara & Charles for these fabulous wedding photos.



















2013 Holiday Card Designs – Release #1

I’m excited to offer a collection of photo card designs for the 2013/2014 holiday season. Modifications to text color, phrase, etc. are available of course. All designs are double sided. Back side options include photos and/or personalized mini-letter. And as always, custom cards are available if you don’t see something you like.

Pricing will be posted soon.


Holiday Mini Sessions

Want to send out photo holiday cards this year? Looking for a great photographer? If you’re in the Denver area, contact Jessica Whatley Photography. I’m excited to be working with Jessica to offer original holiday card designs showcasing her exquisite photography!

Book your session today! jessicawhatleyphotography@gmail.com

Ribbon Storage

I’ve been looking for a better way to store my bulk ribbon. They make great storage cases for small bolts of ribbon but I buy 50+ yard spools of ribbon so none of them seemed to fit. I had to get a bit creative…

Pants hangers, minus a few of the bars!

Pant hangers used for bulk ribbon storage

Envelopments NEW Online Product Ordering

Calling all DIY brides…you may now purchase Envelopments products directly from Envelopments! While I encourage you to talk with me first about what your project is so I can make recommendations on how to most cost effectively purchase your paper, you can completely ignore that advice and order directly from them at the link below.

Cutting Bulk Ribbon

I was recently asked the best way to cut bulk ribbon for invitations, programs, etc.  Here’s how I do it…


  • Chipboard, cardboard or other VERY firm cardstock
  • Tape
  • Scissors – I suggest 2 pair.  One should be reserved for cutting fabric and ribbon only.  Cutting paper badly dulls scissors and will not cut ribbon well.
  • Ribbon (obviously!)


First, figure out how long your ribbon needs to be. Using your regular scissors, cut a piece of chipboard or cardboard HALF the width you need.  In this example, we need 16 1/2″ pieces so the chipboard is 8 1/4″ wide.

Then, tape the end of your ribbon to the top/middle of your board.

Wrap the ribbon around the board, slightly overlapping each piece. I’ve only wrapped the ribbon around a few times in this image but normally I would use the entire length of the board.

Then, starting at the top where the ribbon is taped down, begin cutting straight down the center of the board.

When you are done, you should be left with pieces of ribbon equal in length! Remove the taped ribbon. Repeat the process until you have everything cut.

NOTE: The pieces will not have a perfectly clean edge to them, but you’ll need to trim them after tying them regardless as most ribbon frays very easily.


After 5 years, Elegant Statements has a new look…and one that I’m quite proud to show off! Thanks goes to Amy from AEO Designs for giving me a business “makeover”.

A special thank you to all of the brides, new moms and party hostesses that have helped my business grow dramatically over the last few years.